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Certilabo is a strategic tool that focuses on the concept of cleanrooms validation in accordance with the international standards. This unique software is first of its kind and it enables validation professionals and engineers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, electronics and food industry to perform, approve and complete cleanroom validation protocols in different locations and facilities.

Certilabo is a comprehensive software solution that provides fast, efficient and reliable storage of complex cleanroom validation data. Its modular characteristics allow for it to be used in locations with different facilities and capabilities.

The platform consists of a web application where the subscription can be purchased according to your own needs and then used through an application on one, two or several different devices. As your systems expand, you can upgrade your subscription for more storage and device licences as needed.

Certilabo comes as a product of over ten years of experience in the field of designing, construction and validation of cleanrooms. The Certilabo software was developed by our programmers that worked close with our validation specialists. We know the detailed process of cleanroom validation and all of that knowledge is incorporated in Certilabo.

We also provide you with the opportunity to use our cleanroom validation services. If you wish to arrange cleanroom validation with Certilabo, please follow this link.