Cleanroom qualification software

Certilabo is an advanced software solution for cleanroom validation purposes. The features of Certilabo simplify the process of cleanroom validation. The following features acquire most benefits for the user

Unique software and data storage solution for validation of cleanrooms, first ever in the world

Certilabo is first of its kind validation tool. So far, all validation procedures and data were noted manually which engages a lot of paper work and many man hours. Certilabo is designed to navigate the user through the validation procedure and allows easy notation and storage of all data relevant for cleanroom validation, as well as approval and completion of the validation protocols.

Modular solution that can be used in different facilities, locations and industries where cleanroom validation is a necessity

Certilabo is a modular tool and its features allow easy adjustment to the specific needs of any company, plant or site.

User friendly interface

When developing Certilabo, a lot of emphasis was put on the simplicity of use. It has an extremely user friendly interface and one of its main goals is to simplify complex cleanroom validation procedures.

Storage of cleanroom validation data

By purchasing the Certilabo tool, the user acquires server storage space where all of the cleanroom validation data can be safely kept and further used.